Playstation 5

If we're giving you the gift of a stay for your teenage children, we can't help but worry about their enjoyment on holiday even in uncertain weather, can we?! The big news in Club Family Hotels is the console most loved by teenagers all over the world: Playstation 5!

Post-apocalyptic scenarios, wild forests, modern metropolises and characters that seem to come straight from the world of dreams, will transform entire afternoons into fantastic adventures, even to be experienced as a family, if you manage to convince your older children to let you into the gaming corner dedicated to them!


Virtual Reality

Can you imagine your children's happiness when they learn that there are virtual reality visors too?! Yes, since we have the most popular gaming console for kids, and not only that, why not go big and give it the most modern gaming equipment too, to experience magnificent adventures, compact epic battles and literally immerse yourself in fun! 

Virtual reality visors make everything more adrenalin-pumping and fun... So, parents and children, are you up for the challenge! Turn every moment of your family holiday into memorable memories: we give you the tools now you do your part!


Nanny School®

Babies from 8 months to 3 years old will be taken care of by the expert nannies from the Nanny School® from 16.00 to 19.00, from Monday to Friday, in the play area dedicated to them. A soft corner designed especially for children where our nannies will take care of them, so as to give some time to mom and dad for relaxing.

Every week, there are also magic shows, face painting sessions, jugglers and comedians, a popcorn evening, a donut party, a chocolate party, an ice cream party… so good, so mouth-watering!


Take a look at
what awaits you:

The play area gets smart - Multimedia Area where children can play and learn

  • space dedicated to all the children of the Club Family Hotel Tintoretto, where traditional games meet forefront technology. Your little one is invited to share together with the other children educational and physical activities, ideal for socialising and making friends by learning new things.
  • With our Kiki Fun, a touch screen multimedia platform, children can learn while having fun with games that stimulate their imagination and creativity, a playful moment to share with mom and dad.
  • It is always the right time to play and grow with fun, even when on holiday!

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