We offer you the perfect match between the freedom of home and our services:

  • Baby food kit: the possibility for mum and dad to prepare baby food in the flat, because when hunger comes, it comes πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹
  • Divided spaces: the possibility to rest in the sleeping area, but at the same time, to play and do homework or watch a cartoon, because we want to meet everyone's needs!
  • Spacious accommodation of 30 square metres: how many of you like to invite your grandparents, so that you can all spend a nice holiday together? Or a little friend to have a playmate? 
  • Daily tidying up and a super welcome cuddle.......a little cleaning in the afternoon too! Now that's holiday 😍
  • Equipped kitchenette, dedicated to the early risers for a good coffee, for those who have to get ready for a run in the pinewood, or for an herbal tea and warm milk as a Goodnight cuddle in the tranquillity of your Bilo!

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