Meal times may be arranged to suit our smaller guests for whom there is the Papperia, an area dedicated to mothers who can prepare the meals for their younger children. The Club Family Hotel Tintoretto never lacks vegetable broths, vegetable and tomato soups without salt, to offer the younger ones what they need for a tasty meal.


Sammontana Ice Cream

How to make your holiday even tastier? Simply by providing adults and children with delicious, soft Sammontana ice cream all day long! Free of charge, of course!

And since we are all children inside, we thought ice cream would taste even better if served from the classic and romantic 'ice cream cart'! You will find a corner dedicated to sweetness, with many flavours to choose from: stracciatella, the children's favourite, strawberry, pistachio and the ever-popular chocolate.

Make every moment of your holiday even sweeter, whether it be at the end of a meal, for a snack, before or during the evening show with our entertainers... Hail the ITALIAN ICE CREAM!


Choose 1, taste 11, try our Dine Around

Take advantage of our exclusive service and discover 10 different locations in Romagna. Taste the various cuisines and enjoy a day branded Club Family Hotel ®.With Dine Around you will have the chance to choose where to have lunch or dinner during your stay by picking the restaurant you prefer among the various locations where there are facilities belonging to the Club Family Hotel.

Club Family Hotel RiccioneClub Family Hotel Best Riccione, Club Family Hotel Serenissima, Club Family Aparthotel Costa dei Pini, Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima, Club Family Hotel Michelangelo Milano Marittima, Club Family Hotel Executive, Club Family Hotel Tosi Beach and Club Family Hotel Cervia Village, Club Family Hotel Village Milano Marittima... are waiting for you to kick off your personal gastronomic tour of Romagna.

Where do we eat Today?
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Top Quality All Inclusive

All brands that are part of our Club Family All Inclusive®Open Bar Top Quality.

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Take a look at
what awaits you:

There is something to tease your appetite at all hours:

  • Breakfast  to say Good morning, at the restaurant from 7:30 to 9:30
  • Morning delights breakfast at the bar until 10:30
  • Snack Dina the Snack before going to the beach  take you baggie from 9:00 to 10:00
  • Happy hour 11:30- 13:30 at the hotel bar
  • Soft Ice and granita: every day at the hotel
  • Hot dogs: available from 11.00 to 24.00 at the hotel bar
  • Baby food,  in the kitchen moms, nearby the hotel bar, everything you need is available from 11:30 until 14:00
  • Lunch buffet at the restaurant: 12:00 - 14:00
  • Delicious children’s snacks from 16:00 to 17:30
  • Happy hour 18:30 - 20:30 at the hotel bar
  • Baby food, in the kitchen moms, nearby the hotel bar, everything you need is available from 18:30 until 21:00
  • Dinner buffet at the restaurant 19:00- 21:00
  • Chocolate waterfalls, Donut party, Cotton Candy, and more… (from 21.30 to 22.00)
  • Goodnight Buffet bar in the garden 22: 00 -24:00

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