A day at Mirabilandia and Mirabeach as a gift: a child's dream come true!

If you spend your holiday with us, you’ll get a great gift: FREE admission to Mirabilandia and Mirabeach !

The unique holiday village dimension that the 4-star Club Family Hotel Tintoretto, in the heart of Pinarella di Cervia, can offer you will certainly make your stay with the people you love special. And, since for us at Italy's most award-winning Family Hotel Club Chain, fun is a really serious business, we also want to treat you (yes, yes, really GIVE YOU AND THE WHOLE FAMILY) to a different day with your children to spend where the fun will have no fewer than 43 attractions, 6 themed areas and an endless number of shows and entertainment for the happiness of the whole family. In a word, Mirabilandia!

If you stay at least 6 nights at the Tintoretto and all the CFHs, included in your holiday you also get free entrance tickets to the largest amusement park in Romagna. What are you waiting for?! Discover all that the Mirabilandia theme park - just 14 km from Club Family Hotel Tintoretto - has to offer: the fun that every child desires!

Let's start with the thematic areas...

First of all, we think of the little ones, because for them play is not simply an activity, but the purpose of every day. The Bimbopoli themed area, one of the largest in Europe entirely dedicated to small children, is designed to keep your children entertained without ever neglecting total safety, because children are truly precious. Here you will find Carousel, a horse-drawn carousel that is not only a true work of art, but also throws the whole family back in time with rhythms and carousels of yesteryear. Then there is Ottoland, a playground all colourful and soft; the Fantasyland trails to explore; the Mini Rapids to feel like pioneers of the west; the Leprotto Express, the first rollercoaster designed for children from 3 years of age; and finally the famous Casa Matta, for a slightly crazy indoor adventure.

The other five thematic areas will delight every member of your family, whatever their age. Route 66, where the attractions are truly breathtaking: Divertical, the world's highest water coaster will satisfy thrill-seekers, leaving them just a little wet; for those who prefer Formula 1 to offshore, here they will be satisfied with the iSpeed roller coaster. And also: Blu River, for a parent-and-child steep descent challenge aboard a dinghy, also suitable for the less daring; Reset, for a post-apocalyptic adventure in the Big Apple; Raratonga, for those who prefer more folkloristic and volcanic settings; and finally Autosplash, to escape aboard a speeding 1950s Cadillac with the whole family... at water level!

Happy?! And it's not over yet. There are so many attractions at Mirabilandia, and we haven't told you about all the themed areas.

For example, there is Adventureland, home to the famous and adrenaline-fuelled Katun, Europe's No. 1 inverted coaster that needs no introduction; the Master Thai, for a thrill among Thailand's ancient temples; and finally, the impetuous rafting of Rio Bravo, for splashing thrills!

Is there someone in your family who loves prehistory and falls asleep hugging a tyrannosaurus? So think how happy you will be in Dinoland, the 12,000 m2 themed area entirely dedicated to prehistory, and where every attraction is inspired by its mythical inhabitants.

If there are those who love dinosaurs, there will also be those in the family who prefer the unmistakable sound of a Ducati engine. No doubt someone's face will light up in the 35,000 square metres of Ducati World, where red reigns supreme and all the attractions are inspired by racing on two wheels and the great Moto-GP circuits: simulators and duelling coasters to experience Ducati emotions.

So, are you ready for a magical adventure together with your family? Everyone will have a great time at Mirabilandia, and we at the 4-star Club Family Hotel Tintoretto in Cervia will be very happy to share all the emotions that everyone will have felt and make them a little bit our own.

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