Drinky the thermos bottle to take with you to the beach

The Club Family Hotel Tintoretto moves its Open Bar to the beach and by the pool as well. In order to always have a cool drink with you, the Hotel offers you “Drinky”, the thermos bottle where you can store cool water and fruit juices. “Drinky” the bottle that you can fill whenever you want at the machines that are by the pool, at the beach, in the bar and restaurant with comfortable and practical child-friendly dispensers.

It is really important to be able to cool down with something fresh in the summer, and this becomes a true moment of happiness at Club Family Hotel Tintoretto. The Drinky bottle is with you while playing, walking, riding along the promenade or simply while lying in the shade of your beach umbrella. With Drinky, even drinking is fun! Every family has two complimentary thermos bottles for every minimum stay of 6 days!